Happy New Year!

Last 2011 brushstrokes!
A good pick of sites for plein air painting these wet summer days are the city´s viaducts that become a great shelter from the rain that insists on flooding the streets every other day.
It was under one of these overpasses that I made my 2011 last plein air brushstrokes.

The scattered showers intensified the rythm of the passengers that the Ferry Boat brought at every 20 minutes... Ferry Boat Station -Sandra Nunes- oil on linen 46x54 cmPhotos by Meahne Albuquerque, the nice photographer/ journalist who I was very pleased to meet that day.

To all of my visitors I wish an Artful and inspired New Year!
See you in 2012!

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Artclub Magazine -Worldwide Paintout

The Worldwide Paintout- Rio de Janeiro is featured in Artclub Magazine!

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Quebra- Mar

On a gray day the color of this water is stunning!

Quebra-Mar -Sandra Nunes -oil on panel 16x22cm

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Monte Alegre Street

Before the tram stopped...

Monte Alegre Street - Sandra Nunes oil on canvas 54x65 cm

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Sunflowers and Hydrangeas

Still rainy and bad weather conditions for plein air painting, so I´ve decided to play with my pastels and bring a bit of color to this unusual Springtime!

Sunflowers and Hydrangeas -Sandra Nunes Soft Pastel on wallis - 55x38 cm

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Rainy Spring

We are experiencing a quite unusual Spring this year. I´ve tried to capture the exquisite atmosphere of a rainy day in Urca beach.

Rainy Spring -Urca -Sandra Nunes oil on canvas 55 x 33cm

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Aura´s House

Comission delivered to a happy collector!

Aura´s House -Sandra Nunes - oil on linen 33x41cm

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No tram today...

Santa Teresa without tram

No tram today -Sandra Nunes o/c 22x27cm

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Worldwide Paintout -Rio 2011

It was a cloudy(almost rainy) Sunday morning but it didn´t prevent us from having a great time painting together.
Flamengo Park was the perfect backdrop for the creativity of artists who attended the event and were treated to a pleasant temperature and a warm reception in Estácio de Sá Cultural Center.

The first artists to come were uncertain about the imminent rain...

Little by little artists arrived and started to open their easels
In no time, passersby could watch oil painters, watercolorists, acrylic painters all in action

Mr José Carlos , editor of Art Club Magazine paid us a visit, we are going to be featured in the nest issue!

Mr Elias Abreu, curator of the Cultural Center was a wonderful host, we were offered a show featuring the works we did that day. How cool is that?

The peaceful atmosphere could be felt and the energy we shared was reflected on each artist´s face

As usual I had a hard time trying to gather artists so that we could have just one photo with everybody... we always miss somebody...
The group:

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Blooming Ipe

From Dona Marta Belvedere we have an amazing view of the city, but that day the appeal of this blooming Ipe was stronger , its copious flowers formed a perfect frame for Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer. I had to paint it!

Blooming Ipe-Sandra Nunes- o/c 61x46cm

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Ilhabela - The workshop experience

Ilhabela - Alvaro Castagnet Workshop
I love watercolor, it is fascinating dealing with water, I enjoy the possibity of "accidents",trying to take advantage of this seemingly untamed medium and colors melting on paper.
It was a great workshop experience with Alvaro Castagnet in Ilhabela.
This was one of the paintings I did there, the idea was simplify, simplify, simplify...

Ilhabela -Sandra Nunes watercolor on saunders waterford paper-

The workshop was very intense and joined a group of talented painters in a paradisiac island. Besides being a great artist, Alvaro Castagnet is a generous instructor. The coordination by Carmem Abranches and Gonzalo Carcamo was flawless from the reception in the island till the end, when we were treated by a Happy Hour under a full moon light!LinkAlso, I made a facebook page where you can read more about my workshop experience.
Check that out here

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Studios in Transit - Arte de Portas Abertas 2011

Well, I´m trying to catch up with the last events, I barely had time to unpack from my trip to Europe before I had to set up for this show . The concept this year was bringing to the Cultural Center a bit of each artist´s studio...

The first day :Plein air demo in the garden...
Arte de Portas Abertas exposes Santa Teresa´s cultural melting pot . I had a blast this year, meeting people of all ages...from different countries.. Speaking three( or four?) languages simultaneously is tiresome, but it was a rewarding experience.

With the studio casual atmosphere guests could be in contact wth some art materials and works in progress...

I had a lot of young guests this year......some really very young...
meeting old friends...
New collectors...

Thanks to all who attended, sent me emails or called me by phone.It was nice to meet you at Centro Cultural Laurinda Santos Lobo!

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New Show

The 21st edition of Arte de Portas Abertas has just started today. This year I´m in a group show "Studios in Transit" where the public will have the opportunity to have a sneak peak of my newest paintings and the creative process as well.
If you are in Rio these days, stop by !
The event takes place July 8,9 and 10th. And the show continues until July 30th.

I´m in Centro Cultural Laurinda Santos Lobo. Monte Alegre Street 306. Santa Teresa

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Painting in Monet's Gardens - Giverny

Time really flies! I have a lot of news since my last update, I intend to devote a post exclusively about this trip when I return to Brazil.
By now I'm just sharing some highlights..
Monet's luxurious gardens offer unlimited possibilities of composition

But that bridge attracts like a magnet

to be continued...

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Sunset on Notre Dame de Paris

Spring in Paris, sunset at 10:00 pm...after all museums are closed, I still have daylight to paint!

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Painting in Paris

Strolling through Paris streets with my Julian thumb box....

Hotel de Ville

La Seine...more to come...

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Paris at the time of the Impressionists

It is very difficult to paint in a city with so much to see. Paris breathes art around every corner this spring.
The exhibition at Hotel de Ville takes us on a trip to the turn of the nineteenth century's brushes by bringing together some work from the Museum D'Orsay.

It's easy to forget that the sun shines outside, contemplating the icy atmosphere of this masterpiece depicted
by Caillebotte:

Vue de toits (effets de neige) - Gustave Caillebotte
almost hear the noise of the train ...
Saint Lazare - Claude Monet

or witness the fatigue and loneliness through Lautrec's masterful lines
Seule - Toulouse Lautrec
As we are not allowed to take pictures, I've picked these ones from the web.
Paris au temps des Impressionistes ends July 30th.

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Marina da Gloria

I´m always intrigued by the light hitting the cobweb formed by the masts, rigs, ropes and their reflex on the water as well.

Marina da Gloria- Sandra Nunes - 46x61cm soft pastel on wallis
Having fun with pastels!

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Community Alleyway

The Community of Morro Dona Marta was the stage for the Clip "They don´t care about us" by Michael Jackson in 1996 and is now in a moment of transformation. This composition suggested me an interpretation in soft pastels...

Dona Marta Community Alleyway-Sandra Nunes
soft pastels on Wallis-61x38cm

p.s. I would like to thank everybody for the kind phone calls and emails after the program "Art in Exhibition" on the radio.

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Art on the Radio!

I´ll be featured and interviewed in the program " Art in Exhibition" . It is a weekly radio show about art backstage scenario with music, comments and much more. Listeners will be given the chance to win an original oil painting!
Stay tuned!
Thrusday - March 17th - 10 pm
Rio de Janeiro Radio 1400 khz - Rio de Janeiro- Brazil .

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Sunrise at the Pharoux Wharf - Color notes

Undoubtedly, one of the aspects that attract me most in painting outdoors is the total integration with the theme.I have been to Pharoux Wharf intending to start a composition I had planned some time ago.
As it was a large format, I considered working in more than one session on the site. On the first day I had the good fortune to meet Monalisa (!), the friendly parking lot clerk who, showing great interest in the painting process, started telling me about the beauty of the sunrise at that place.
I told her my concern about
being out so early when most of the city is still asleep. I learned then that the movement of people already exists at that time as the ferryboats start arriving from the other side of the Bay and she is already working.
I didn´t think twice, I put the large canvas on hold and the next day I was there to witness the wonderful show of colors from the pier.
I knew all would be fast, so I went well prepared just to make color notes on small formats:

Sunrise at the Pharoux Wharf - color notes -Sandra Nunes ost 12x22cm

Then, all very quick ...some minutes later, another light, the sun going his way up and clouds coming down...and ...daylight...cloudy?

Clouds over the wharf- color notes -Sandra Nunes- o/b 16x22cm

Pochade box closed, all set to go back home and some steps ahead, sun shining, flamboyants in bloom and the exquisite Albamar green building as backddrop. I had to start over...

Albamar- Harmony in red and green -color notes -Sandra Nunes- o/b 16x22m

Long and productive morning.
Thanks Monalisa!

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