Happy Holidays

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Getting ready for Christmas - Rua Visconde de Ouro Preto

Colorful Christmas
Unlike the Northern hemisphere, our Christmas is not white. At this time of the year Flamboyants are in full blossom contrasting with the luxuriant green of the mango trees, and other species of our flora all over city streets. Summer announces its arrival with strong and brief thunderstorms that washes the vegetation turning it greener.
This bucolic street is naturally getting ready for the party, under a blossoming jasmine tree, I opened my easel inspired by the light bathing the last old houses in the district of Botafogo.
                                          Rua Visconde de Ouro Preto - Sandra Nunes -o/c 55 x 63 cm

                  Thanks to a neighbor who took some pictures of me from his window since my arrival . Later on I learned he was a friend of mine! We never know who is watching us...

Merry Christmas!

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Igreja da Candelária

Urban scenes portray a special poetry. I love to watch the movement of people downtown on a weekday,  it is difficult to find a spot to open the easel and do not turn into a kind of an "information bureau",  though. 
Oh well, that´s part of the game...

                                          Candelaria Church -sandra nunes- o/c 46x38 cm

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