Spring in the Northern Hemisphere I


Besides windy, Chicago is really chilly this April. I was surprised with an unexpected April snow that painted the streets and roofs in white. I wasn´t  prepared for this,but with the limited opportunity for plein air painting I could spend more time visiting museums and galleries without guilty.

I´m an early bird, I loved to watch the first rays of sun bathing the white rooftops....
First lights

At the Art Institute of Chicago 

Vuillard- Foliage- Oak tree and fruit seller - 1918
√ądouard Vuillard

                                                     Van Gogh - The drunken
The Drunken
Van Gogh- The drunken

A book that has been inspiring me from some years now after reading it : The Art Spirit, by Robert Henry.
And here I am in front of two of his amazing paintings...

                                              Himself and Herself- oil on canvas- Robert Henry
Himself and Herself - oil on canvas
Robert Henry- Himself and Herself - oil on canvas

 Another great inspirations:
                                                         Claude Monet- waterlilies
Water Lilies
Claude Monet

John Singer Sargent
John Singer Sargent

Gifford beal
The Puff of Smoke- Beal
Gifford Beal

Claude Monet, Waterloo Bridge
The Waterloo Bridge
The Waterloo Bridge - Claude Monet

Claude Monet, Waterloo Bridge, Sunlight effect
The waterloo Bridge
Claude Monet
Chagall Windows

I could not resist...being challenged by the Chilly wind

Painting at the Chicago Theater
Plein Air Painting in Chicago
Sandra Nunes

Sandra Nunes, plein air painting in Chicago
Sandra Nunes

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