Flower Parade
Some additional information about the project I mentioned in the previous post

The show Welcome to Spring is an urban interference to which 20 artists from Rio de Janeiro and 20 from Sao Paulo were invited to customize an iron structure of a stylized flower freely, linking the image of spring to the lauching of a Johnson Company product.
After the show, the flowers will be auctioned and part of the proceeds will go to charity institutions.
The show will be on till October 23rd.

My flower was installed in Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas district.
Watch the creative process and installation:

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Welcome Spring!

Carioca Spring
This is a comission I´ve just finished as a part of a marketing project for Johnson Company launching of a new product.
The concept is to link spring season just beginning with the artwork.
I´ve received the stylized flower to work freely with it.

My inspiration: Rio de Janeiro
Working on side 2
Working on side 1 Braiding wires(spring on the tram rails)

Carioca Spring side 1 - mixed media - Sandra Nunes

Carioca Spring - side 2 - mixed media - Sandra Nunes

In the next post I´ll show some close ups and the making of... stay tuned!

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7th Worldwide Paint Out- Rio de Janeiro 2009

The Worldwide Paint Out this year took place at Jardim de Alah.(read about last year´s in this link) Participating artists came from several nearby cities and we had a blast! Jardim de Alah is the frontier of Ipanema and Leblon districts. It´s a very silent and inspiring site nestled between Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and the beach.
A warm sun welcomed the artists who arrived around 08:00am to capture the first morning light.
I was interviewed by Via Ipanema newspaper that gave us great exposure.

The Place:

The banner

The Group: As usual it was difficult to gather everybody to photograph.

Receiving guest artists from nearby cities:

The Photographer J. Carino:

Gilmar, Solange, Sandra Nunes,Jeanne Rouvvier, Ignez, Barbara
Getting ready for the group photo:

Artists at work:
Augusto Marques...

Patricia Newman...

Pedro da Costa...


Sandro, Maria Eunice...Alencar...
Claudite, Chung...

Ig Longuiño...

Therezinha Hillal(President of Fine Arts Brazilian Society),Cristina Bicalho, Ricardo Newton and Sandra Nunes

The Group: Once more, several participating artists missing ...I could not gather everybody..It´s been a great experience to coordinate this event here, watching plein air painting get exposure and growing.
The works resulting from this event will be in a show in Brazilian Fine Artist Society from September 28th.
As soon as I can, I´ll post some photos of this event in other states...

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Nossa Senhora da Paz Curch


This time I wanted to capture a beach scene with some figures. I went to Ipanema district, but on my way I was caught by this exquisite light on the church.
The beach scene was called off. I had to capture that. Certainly I´ll go back there to observe it from another point of view.

Nossa Senhora da Paz Church op 27x22cm - Sandra Nunes

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