Plein Air Painting - New York 2016

Harlem Adventures- Apollo Theater

Painting outdoors poses a lot of problems as compared with painting in the studio, where you have a controlled environment. Working on the sidewalks of a great city requires even more attention.
The autumn light was wonderful , I went out early in the morning straight to 125th street ready to capture the hustle-bustle of people and the light on the iconic Apollo Theater facade.
I opened my easel and pochade box strategically in the sun trying to neutralize the 12c. temperature.
125th street - New York
Apollo Theater
After some minutes stablishing the composition and block in, my view of the theme is completely blocked!
Apollo Theater - New York
My view completely blocked by a sidewalk vendor
Apparently I had chosen a spot already taken by its usual owner. The young man parked his cart some steps from me and after a look that I didn´t understand at that moment, he started to assemble his stand and merchandise .
What to do? Considering that I was painting in a neighborhood that I had no idea of what kind of risks I was exposed, I just continued  working, trying to see "through" the obstacles. 
Little by little, his stand was assembled, my view was cleared, and we got along with each other all the morning in our activities.
Sandra Nunes
Plein Air Painting in New York
Apollo Theater

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