Victoria Regia

This is one of the soft pastels plein air paintings I have done in preparation for a large dimension commission in oils. Standing by the pond at the Botanic Garden, observing the movement of the waterlilies opening and eventually closing before I could finish the paintings was a good challenge.

"Victoria Regia"  Soft Pastels
Sandra Nunes

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Outeiro da Glória - Sidewalk carpet

I love this time of the year when the almond trees carpet the sidewalks

Outeiro da Gloria
Sidewalk Carpet
Sandra Nunes
Soft Pastels on Wallis

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The Undertow

On the Eve of the Olympics Rio 2016, the star of last weekend was the undertow. It was an excellent opportunity to capture once more the hypnotic movement of the waves. The sea is always an inspiration and capturing the dynamic of its movement is a great challenge!
the undertow
oil on panel
16x22 cm
Sandra Nunes

This is a less than one minute video of a beautiful moment of this plein air painting session. Enjoy!

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