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I´ll be featured and interviewed in the program " Art in Exhibition" . It is a weekly radio show about art backstage scenario with music, comments and much more. Listeners will be given the chance to win an original oil painting!
Stay tuned!
Thrusday - March 17th - 10 pm
Rio de Janeiro Radio 1400 khz - Rio de Janeiro- Brazil .

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Sunrise at the Pharoux Wharf - Color notes

Undoubtedly, one of the aspects that attract me most in painting outdoors is the total integration with the theme.I have been to Pharoux Wharf intending to start a composition I had planned some time ago.
As it was a large format, I considered working in more than one session on the site. On the first day I had the good fortune to meet Monalisa (!), the friendly parking lot clerk who, showing great interest in the painting process, started telling me about the beauty of the sunrise at that place.
I told her my concern about
being out so early when most of the city is still asleep. I learned then that the movement of people already exists at that time as the ferryboats start arriving from the other side of the Bay and she is already working.
I didn´t think twice, I put the large canvas on hold and the next day I was there to witness the wonderful show of colors from the pier.
I knew all would be fast, so I went well prepared just to make color notes on small formats:

Sunrise at the Pharoux Wharf - color notes -Sandra Nunes ost 12x22cm

Then, all very quick ...some minutes later, another light, the sun going his way up and clouds coming down...and ...daylight...cloudy?

Clouds over the wharf- color notes -Sandra Nunes- o/b 16x22cm

Pochade box closed, all set to go back home and some steps ahead, sun shining, flamboyants in bloom and the exquisite Albamar green building as backddrop. I had to start over...

Albamar- Harmony in red and green -color notes -Sandra Nunes- o/b 16x22m

Long and productive morning.
Thanks Monalisa!

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