2012 last pastel strokes - Happy New Year!

Last day of the year , the weather is unbelievably hot in Rio,  too much for plein air painting. So, I went to the studio, the idea was to organize a bit of the mess in order to start fresh the new year.
But I could not resist the appeal of my Christmas poinsettias in a green vase...

So here they are : 2012 Last pastel strokes -

Poinsettias in a green vase -sandra nunes- 
soft pastels on wallis 40 x 30 cm

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It is a new day!

Happy Holidays!
Quebramar Sunrise- Sandra Nunes- oil on canvas 30 x 120 cm

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Pedra Bonita!

After a pleasant hiking uphill our senses are blessed with a breathtaking view

What to paint where everything calls your attention?

At some point I´m so integrated tha I become part of the scenery!

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Laranjeiras Palace

From a borrowed window...
                                             Laranjeiras Palace- Sandra nunes- o/c 60 x 80 cm

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Sunrise - Albamar

Watching the first lights from this spot is a breathtaking experience!

                                                        Sunrise -sandra nunes- oil on canvas 50x90 cm

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Largo de São Francisco

I love watching people downtown milling around...
This is an old Catholic Church dedicated to Saint Francis, it is  beautiful outside and inside as well.
It is located at  Rio´s historic center .
    Saint Francis Church- sandra nunes- oil on canvas 46x38 cm

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Café do Forte

This was done during the Worldwide Paint Out at Forte de Copacabana. I wanted to capture the colorful and gay atmosphere of that Sunday morning!
Café do Forte- Sandra Nunes. oil on panel 27x35cm

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Worldwide Paint Out - Rio de Janeiro 2012

In conjunction with  the 120th anniversary  of Copacabana District celebrations , we decided to meet this year inside of the Fort and be inspired by that amazing view.
Gathering professional and amateur artists from various parts of the city and  other states as well , Rio de Janeiro was appointed again by IPAP - International Plein Air Painters- as city with the highest number of artists gathered for this Pain Out!

Special thanks to our supporters: Brinc'art Stationery, Corfix Paints and Captain Roosevelt who kindly provided all the support needed for our meeting at the Fort be a success once more!

The wonderful Group

The Group in action

Continue reading and checking more images of this Paint Out  on  the  Events page in this blog

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Late afternoon in Santa Teresa

And Spring is almost here...

                                                      Santa Teresa late afternoon- Sandra Nunes o/c 46x61cm

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Tram in Focus/ The last trip

 This show celebrates the 116th anniversary of Santa Teresa Tram. Unfortunatelly it is not running at this moment but we hope it comes back in a near future.
Opening: 01, saturday  07 pm
Centro Cultural Municipal Laurinda Santos Lobo 
 Monte Alegre street , 306 - Santa Teresa
Visit 01 to 30, de tuesday  to Sunday, from 10am to 07 pm

If you are in Rio at this time, stop by or you can check my Santa Teresa collection  here

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Rio de Janeiro World Heritage

It´s a real treat to be a plein air painter in such a beautiful city! This short video is a selection of pictures taken during the creative process of the painting "Rio de Janeiro Skyline".This time I worked on a oil on canvas dipitch 40 cm x 2.00 m. Working en plein air on these dimensions was a great challenge and, I must say, I loved it! 

 turn on the sound and watch in HD

Special thanks to Beto Bassoth, a passer by who sent some pictures he took of me.

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Sketching my bike

I went to the sea riding my bike with my smallest pochade box. My intention was to sketcth a beach scene...Getting there the red flag immediately caught my attention, so I parked nearby  started to set up my painting gear and I  had no doubt about what to sketch yesterday...
                                                     My bike-Sandra Nunes -o/p 22x16cm

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Santa Teresa Open Studios

During the event this year  I´ll be showing some recent works at Centro Cultural Laurinda Santos Lobo, Monte Alegre Street 308, Santa Teresa.

 The show continues through the month of July
If you are in Rio, stop by! It will be a pleasure to meet you on July 6th 7th and 8th from 11 am to 6 pm!
You can win an original Sandra Nunes oil painting participating of the event´s sponsors promotion

                                                       The missing tram- sandra nunes- 16x22 cm

You can check some pictures of this year event in my Facebook page here

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Misty Blue

I love these misty winter sunrises over Guanabara Bay!
    misty blue -Sandra Nunes oil on canvas 30 x50 cm

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Largo do Machado

These late autumn days unpredictable weather makes plein air painting a hard task. A day may start with a beautiful sunrise and then  become cold, cloudy or even rainy.
I intended to head to the waterfront, paint some boats, waves...but  considering the  possibility  of a sudden change, I decided for a urban composition as in case of raining it is easier to find shelter under some awning.
That proved to be the right choice as the rain really came down at the end.

                                         Largo do Machado  - Sandra Nunes - o/c 40 x 60 cm

You can watch a short video clip of the process here:

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The undertow

This week undertow provided an excellent opportunity to study the hypnotic rythm of the waves...

                                            The undertow -sandra nunes - oil on panel

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Marina da Glória

The exquisite light of an overcast day...

                                             Marina da Glória -sandra nunes- ost 46x61cm

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Painting Abroad

Painting in Istanbul
What a city!

View from Pierre Loti- Sandra Nunes oil on canvas board 16x22cm
P. S. So much time without posting here and now I find out that my website is not working abroad, I ask my international friends a bit of patience, it will be fixed soon.

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Sketching Boats

Now that summer is really here, the way to the waterfront with my pochade box is a natural choice. I had the right time to sketch these boats till the owner of one of them arrived to take it to the sea.
He is a very kind gentleman who even offered to take my picture!

Boat study- Sandra Nunes - o/p 14 x22cm

Sketching boats

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Facebook page or Blog?

The last tram - Sandra Nunes oil on canvas 22 x 27 cm

This blog has emerged as an alternative and / or attachment to my official page on the web. At that time it was seen as a more dynamic way to keep the page updated, posting works and events as they were created.
With the growth of social networks and the possibility of creating professional pages, the dynamics of the blog has given way to the almost instantaneous effect of the new media, reaching a wider audience more quickly.

Well, why these considerations on carnival?

It turns out that, as it can be noticed here on the right side where it says "Facebook Page" there´s a message that leads nowhere. My professional page on facebook has just vanished into cyberspace!
Do not ask me why because I have no answer, I apologize for my absence to friends who followed the latest posts there and meanwhile I´ll try to update here.

And speaking of absence, I´m posting this painting as a tribute to the tram driver who used to give a quick stop to watch me
painting in Santa Teresa (Mr Nelson) and the missing cable car on this Carnival.

An update on this post: After some emails sent ...My facebook page is up again! Thanks facebook team! check it at: https://www.facebook.com/sandranunes.art

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Carnival in Rio - No tram

From today till tuesday Rio de Janeiro becomes a ball room. This year Santa Teresa suffers from the absence of our charming tram.

Carnival in Santa Teresa -Sandra Nunes oil on canvas 46x38cm

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