XVIII Nikkei Quick Draw Competition

        I was honored to be invited to join the board of jurors for this traditional event.  Coordinated by the visual artist Mrs.Teruko Okagawa Monteiro, Director Coordinator of the Association´s Cultural Department, this event has being reinforcing and estimulating the practice of plein air painting for 18 years.

The theme was the Association´s surroundings where participants were invited to open their easels and be inspired on that beautiful Sunday morning.
The quick draw had the sponsorship of Japan General Consulate  
Renmei - Rio de Janeiro`s Sports and Cultural Nipo- Brazilian Association 
Rio de Janeiro`s Japanese Board of Commerce and Industry 
Moderu-ko e Fubokai, Japanese School and Nippak newspaper.

The board of Jurors was composed by: 
Ai Takei - Japan Vice Consul
Akiyoshi Shikada - Renmei President
Minoru Matsuura - President of Rio de Janeiro Nikkei Association
Sandra Nunes - Visual Artist
Yasuko Matsumoto - President of Bikoo-Kai

You can read more (in Portuguese) here

 Worldwide Paint Out Rio de Janeiro 2012

We had a blast this year again! A wonderful group of artists gathered on a beautiful Sunday Morning!  
This time, celebrating Copacabana`s  120th anniversary  we  have chosen to paint inside of the Fort  and be inspired by that amazing view!

We  were once more, according to IPAP - International Plein Air Painters the largest group of artists gathered for this Paint Out !
Our special thanks to Brinc´art  Art Materials , Corfix Paints and  to Captain Roosevelt who kindly provided us all the support we needed to make this Event once more a great success!

                                                    The Wonderful Group 

Hosting the first artists to come...

It was really  magic, the joyful and peaceful atmosphere was the highlight of the day!

                                                   Some friends from the virtual world...

art and bike friends...

With Captain Roosevelt who provided  us  with all the support we needed :

Trying to gather everybody for the group oficial photo. At the end there´s always someone missing and this year it was not different...


                                                Then, we get serious and start working...
                              Each artist chooses the best vantage point according to his/ her interest

                                                         Sometimes a third hand is needed...

    Exchange  of experiences...

Daddy holds the baby and mammy draws...

  Visitors could interact with the artists going from easel to easel checking their different approach and technique

Ok, so busy hosting  the event  but finally I found my spot... just 40 minutes or so to paint... let´s do it!

Painting...talking...painting ...quick!

My work...
The short time  I had to paint  called for a special approach, I intended to lay on the canvas the  colorful friendly an gay atmosphere that I was surrounded by!

Café do Forte - Sandra Nunes -oil on panel 27x35cm - a la prima


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