From Plein Air Painting to Studio Work

There is no Greater Master than Nature when learning to paint. Nothing substitutes the observation and constant training of the eyes when facing natural elements.In fact, learning to paint is learning to see and translate our inner vision. Whenever I´m asked why plein air painting I have longer and shorter answers, but I always state that they are completely different ways of working.
Recently I finished in the studio  the painting I´m posting now. It is a very large work for plein air!
I had already done smaller works with this theme, but for this one I started with compositional studies on the site and brought them to the studio to be developed into the final painting.
Victoria Regia - The Star of the Waters
oil on canvas 180 x 80 cm
Sandra Nunes
On the next post I´ll show the preliminary studies for this work. 
By now, Happy Holidays!
I wish you  a Happy and Blessed New Year!

Sandra Nunes Victoria Regia -
 The Star of the Waters
                                                                                         oil on canvas 180 x 80 cm

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