Here comes the tram!

Continuing my Santa Teresa series, I´m still working on small and large formats . These small canvases or panels come on handy to work en plein air specially in Santa Teresa, climbing its slopes and walking on its narrow, almost non existent sidewalks. (please check the beginning of this series in my official website

I stopped just in front of Curvelo Tram Station and imediatelly its red roof bathed by our winter sun called my attention , so instead of painting the yellow ochre building with its acqua windows, I decided to work quick and simplify a composition with the red roof thatwas almost shining at that time of the day.

Then it was the time of children from the local public schools to leave. It was a great chance to give some movement to my theme. They ran shouting, calling their companions to catch the crowded tram.

So this painting could only be named:

Here comes the tram! Santa Teresa oil on canvas 22x27cm

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Under Repair

Under repair oil on canvas 38x61cm

Despite the hiatus between the last post and this one, I´ve been working intensively these days, so much that I didn´t believe more than a month has gone...

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