Sunny Day at Guanabara Bay

Finally the sun came for two days in a row and with it the weather that suits this city so well. From the first hours of the day on we can learn that the temperature is going to be very high, what can also be a challenge to the plein air painter.

I headed to the same spot where I did the first 2009 plein air painting (please, check the previous post) in search of that friendly leafy tree which gave me shelter from the rain. This time it provided me the shade I needed to protect me from the unbearable warmth of the sun.

I decided to do the same composition of the last sketch just for fun and the silvery grays gave way to the warm light of Rio de Janeiro summertime.

Sunny Day at Guanabara Bay - oil on panel 16x22cm -Sandra Nunes

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Sketching in the Rain

The weather didn´t give a signal of improving and my desire of painting outdoors was increasing at each rainy day. I decided to take the risk and despite the threatening heavy clouds in the sky, I went in search of that beautiful light that only rainy days can provide. I went to the seashore where the reflective water surface shows thousands of gray hues and the wind that moves the vessels provoques exquisite graphisms.

I found a huge leafy tree which, like a big green umbrella, would protect me for a time from an upcoming heavy rain . I sat on the bulwark and I thought I´d better not attaching the tripod to my pochade box as in case of an emergency it would be faster to get out.

The quality of the photo above isn´t that good as when I asked a nice couple to take it, I didn´t realize the camera was in recording mode, so this is a still of a movie.
Due to the circumstances I knew I had to work faster than fast, it was a real fight against the time lacking to start to rain, who would win? I started to say my mantra: simplify… simplify… get the essence...essence...essence ...

Well, end of the story: It rained(not so heavily) but the generous tree protected me from the drizzle and this is the result of my adventure:

First 2009 plein air painting:
Rainy Day at Guanabara Bay - oil on panel 16x22cm- Sandra Nunes

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