2012 last pastel strokes - Happy New Year!

Last day of the year , the weather is unbelievably hot in Rio,  too much for plein air painting. So, I went to the studio, the idea was to organize a bit of the mess in order to start fresh the new year.
But I could not resist the appeal of my Christmas poinsettias in a green vase...

So here they are : 2012 Last pastel strokes -

Poinsettias in a green vase -sandra nunes- 
soft pastels on wallis 40 x 30 cm

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It is a new day!

Happy Holidays!
Quebramar Sunrise- Sandra Nunes- oil on canvas 30 x 120 cm

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Pedra Bonita!

After a pleasant hiking uphill our senses are blessed with a breathtaking view

What to paint where everything calls your attention?

At some point I´m so integrated tha I become part of the scenery!

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