Urca Fishing Boats

This is definitely a rainy season. Another break after several rainy days and there I went to paint in Urca. I had done a small sketch of this composition last week and I decided to do it in a larger format,this time a vertical one. I wanted the mountain, the Yatch Club and the bridge. The boats would be the stars.
These old boats are very charming and Corcovado mountain is a perfect background for this scene.
After setting up my painting gear, I started organizing the compositional elements on canvas looking for a better harmony of shapes.
Soon I realized that I wouldn´t have time for a detailed drawing as, despite a beautiful sunlight bathing the boats, there was a curtain of clouds starting to cover the mountain.

If I wanted to stick to my original plan I would have to work fast, so I decided for a more direct way, brush and paint, painting and drawing at the same time, adjusting shapes, colors and values. It was as if the mountain were playing hide-and-seek, clouds come and going, challenging my ability to capture the best moment to register on canvas.

I knew I wouldn´t finish this work in one session, but I was determined to go as far as I could until light changed too much. I was lucky, it didn´t rain.

Fortunatelly the next day the whether condition was the same and although the hide-and-seek continued , I could go on painting.

Last 2008 painting:
Urca Fishing Boats - oil on linen canvas 90cm x 50cm Sandra Nunes

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End of the year and an atypical whether here. Besides the constant rain, the temperature is lower than usual, considering we are entering summertime...
If by one side it is much more agreable to paint without the unbearable warmth, on the other hand, the rain provides a few breaks to open the easel outdoors.

In one of these breaks at the seashore:
This is a reminiscence of Old Rio de Janeiro, this tower is what was left from the five ones that integrated the Municipal Market. The others were demolished to give way to a new freeway in the in the 1960`s. Nowadays it is seafood restaurant that operates at the same spot since 1933.
The sea smell intensified by the damp atmosphere inspired me in this composition

Albamar -oil on panel 16x22cm -Sandra Nunes

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Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

This is the same spot where the last Worldwide Paint Out took place.
Being the host of the event , I didn´t have time to paint that day, I´ve done a small unfinished sketch and later I went back there to paint , this time by myself.
One of the most beautiful Rio de Janeiro´s postcards, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon portraying a rich ecossystem offers to the passersby spectacles of uncanny beauty at any time of the day at any season of the year .Surrounded by sophisticated districts (Ipanema, Leblon, Jardim Botânico) and framed by majestic mountains it is a good option of leisure for the family.

Sunday at Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon -oil on canvas 46x61cm - Sandra Nunes

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Curvelo Tram Station

This post could be named "There goes the Tram" complementing the post 'Here comes the Tram" , from my ongoing Santa Teresa series. This painting was done from the same spot of the last one. This time, working on a larger format, I looked to my right side where the tram leaves the district to its final stop downtown. I was intrigued by the exquisite backlight on the building and on people walking on the quiet street.

Curvelo Tram Station - oil on canvas 38x61cm- Sandra Nunes

Check other paintings from this series in my official website http://www.sandranunes.com/santa_teresa.html

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