Açude da Solidão - Loneliness Dam -Tijuca Rain Forest

Açude da Solidão - Loneliness Dam - 46x61 cm oil on canvas Sandra Nunes

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Ilha Fiscal- oil on canvas, 60x80cm -Sandra Nunes

Ilha Fiscal- oil on canvas 60x80cm

Fiscal Island with its 19th century palace, built by Emperor PeterII in neo-gothic style in 1889. It was here the famous last ball of the Monarchy six days before Republic was established. Nowadays it belongs to the Brazilian Navy and it is an important touristic site in Rio De Janeiro.

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Marina da Glória

Marina da Glória oil on canvas 54x65cm - Sandra Nunes

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Antonio Parreiras Museum

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Antonio Parreiras Studio, oil on canvas 46x61 cm

To celebrate the 70th aniversary of death of Antonio Parreiras, one of the greatest Brazilian Landscape Plein Air Painters , artists were invited to paint in the garden of his house where today is the Antonio Parreiras Museum.
I´ve chosen this composition showing the entrance of his studio, it was an amazing experience to be in this event. As a closure, there was a show (Minha Terra tem Parreiras) when the 21 paintings were exhibited

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Lapa o/c 61x38cm Sandra Nunes

Lapa oil on canvas 61x38cm Sandra Nunes

Lapa, Joaquim Silva street - Rio de Janeiro downtown
Traditional Bohemian area in Rio de Janeiro, it is nowadays a mix of diverse cultural and artistic manifestations. Here you find places where you listen to typical Afro-Brazilian and luso- Brazilian music - samba, forró, chorinho- as well as hip hop and other world influences. Behind the beaten by time windows, you find bars and restaurants where intelectuals come for a beer and enjoy the "Brazilian Montmarte" atmosphere. This is one of the gateways to Santa Teresa hill.

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Rio de Janeiro seen from Morro dos Prazeres, Santa Teresa

Morro dos Prazeres, oil on canvas 60x 1.20 (24" x47") -Sandra Nunes

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