Jardim de Alah - Alah´s Garden

I love these almond trees. Brought from India, where they are native, they have adapted so well to our climate that they grow almost with joy and are present in almost every street .Their leaves fall -oficially in winter- but before,they change from green to various shades of red, pink pumpkin, yellow, transforming the sidewalks and streets in a multicolored tapestry. It´s a beauty, a real feast for the eyes!
Their trunks and leafless branches against sunlight become exquisite organic sculptures.
Alah´s Garden - oil on canvas 40x60cm-Sandra Nunes

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Back to Ipanema - Nossa Senhora da Paz Church

I returned to the same spot I had been in Ipanema to catch the morning light ont the gothic/arabic(?) architecture of that beautiful church. This time with a larger linen canvas....

Nossa Senhora da Paz Church -o/l - 72x65cm - Sandra Nunes

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Lavradio Street - Lapa

This 18th Century street in downtown Rio de Janeiro experiences a renaissance nowadays.It is located in Rio’s historical and commercial center. From the end of the 19th Century, the city’s elite made its home in Lapa district, where baronesses and counts mixed with Rio’s bohemian population. The city’s best cabarets and theatres were located there.
As I´ve been working on extra large formats,(I´ll post it soon) I´ve decided to approach this theme with small studies for a change.Maybe I´ll paint some of them larger in the future... I like to alternate between large and smalishes, each one has its own charm.

It was an overcast day and I decided to stop at this corner where nowadays is the headquarter of Brazilian Fine Art Society.

Brazilian Fine Arts Society - op 22x27 cm Sandra Nunes
The next day I headed to the last block of Rua do Lavradio. Lined with tastefully decorated restaurants, nightclubs, antique stores and a neighborhood barbershop, it was restored and entirely pedestrianized. It was difficult not to be distracted by the turn of the century streetlights, and several other embelishments of this part of the street.
I intended to edit , simplify and focus on the play of light on the colorful old buildings.

Lavradio Street - op 22x27cm - Sandra Nunes

This place sure deserves a series...

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