Largo do Boticario 2010

This was the painting I was working on when I was interviewed by brazilian newspaper, Jornal do Brasil

Largo do Boticario Sandra Nunes o/c 54x65cm

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Featured in Brazilian Newspaper!

Back to Largo do Boticario
I was featured in Brazilian Newspaper- Jornal do Brasil- about preserving the Historic National heritage !
Last week I went back to Largo do Boticario, the same place where I painted a series of plein air studies which were inspiration for the Large Panel I had been comissioned then.
To my disapointment the scenery was completely different.

To my friends who can´t read Portuguese; It is about the need to preserve our architectural heritage and the neglect this Rio de Janeiro hidden gem is suffering...About me and my feelings regarding this situation translated on canvas.

please,click and zoom in to read the article...

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Well, since my last post, a lot have been happening. Life is not linear What to post now? Where to start? I´m back from a trip to the old world where I could meet again some of my favorite Masters.No modern reproduction comes close to the impact of an original painting, not only colors, but brushstrokes, line drawing...
Altogether with the scenery,people, smells, sounds from these countries all the impressions are recorded in my soul, no photo will tell the truth of my eyes.
I must paint it, stay tuned!
Meanwhile,one of my paintings was selected for a group show about Rio de Janeiro Landscape I´ll post the painting and the details soon, it was sent to the contest while I was out, no time to photograph it...and yet there´s a local show coming this September...

Talking about non linear time, this painting was from the view I used to have from my previous studio, (now it´s slightly different...)

Botafogo Cove- Sandra Nunes oil on canvas 100 x 72 cm

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