Painting in Monet's Gardens - Giverny

Time really flies! I have a lot of news since my last update, I intend to devote a post exclusively about this trip when I return to Brazil.
By now I'm just sharing some highlights..
Monet's luxurious gardens offer unlimited possibilities of composition

But that bridge attracts like a magnet

to be continued...

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Sunset on Notre Dame de Paris

Spring in Paris, sunset at 10:00 pm...after all museums are closed, I still have daylight to paint!

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Painting in Paris

Strolling through Paris streets with my Julian thumb box....

Hotel de Ville

La Seine...more to come...

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Paris at the time of the Impressionists

It is very difficult to paint in a city with so much to see. Paris breathes art around every corner this spring.
The exhibition at Hotel de Ville takes us on a trip to the turn of the nineteenth century's brushes by bringing together some work from the Museum D'Orsay.

It's easy to forget that the sun shines outside, contemplating the icy atmosphere of this masterpiece depicted
by Caillebotte:

Vue de toits (effets de neige) - Gustave Caillebotte
almost hear the noise of the train ...
Saint Lazare - Claude Monet

or witness the fatigue and loneliness through Lautrec's masterful lines
Seule - Toulouse Lautrec
As we are not allowed to take pictures, I've picked these ones from the web.
Paris au temps des Impressionistes ends July 30th.

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