Rua do Ouvidor -

Rio de Janeiro, Downtown 
I love the activity that  takes place downtown before the offices and stores open. This was a quick one:

Rua do Ouvidor -  Sandra Nunes -ost 30x40 cm

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Arte de Portas Abertas - Santa Teresa Open Studios

                                       Laurinda Santos Lobo Cultural Center
The opening night

Guests arriving for the event´s first official visiting day

                                Nice music at the porch warms up the cold                                         winter afternoon



                                             Artists friends...

And the visit continues in my studio "off Santa"... Another young couple took some of my paintings to live with them!

If you are in the area and want to have some of my original paintings, just contact me to schedule a visit.

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Dazzling Reflections

My theme of choice today is for sure a result of  all the exposure I've had specially to Monet´s paintings at Normandy Impressionist Festival. I promissed in a previous post when I was still there, that I would dedicate a post to the Festival. Well,  I´m not ready for that yet...So much to do, so little time...
Inspired by the Master I went to the pond at Botanic Garden to capture the dancing shapes of water.

                                                  sandra nunes- painting at Botanic Garden
 the abstract shapes got me mesmerized...

sandra nunes- painting at Botanic Garden
more about the Normandy Impressionist Festival here

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São Salvador Square - Praça São Salvador

Bright winter morning.
Nestled between Laranjeiras and Flamengo busy districts in Rio de Janeiro, this square is a real oasis. Early in the morning children come to play, neighbors enjoy the warm winter sun sitting on its benches around the exquisite fountain..
Life here seems to change its pace...
Really a great site to open my easel and capture the bucolic atmosphere on the canvas!
                                            Sandra Nunes- painting at São Salvador Square

                                             Sandra nunes- painting at São Salvador Square

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