No tram today...

Santa Teresa without tram

No tram today -Sandra Nunes o/c 22x27cm

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Worldwide Paintout -Rio 2011

It was a cloudy(almost rainy) Sunday morning but it didn´t prevent us from having a great time painting together.
Flamengo Park was the perfect backdrop for the creativity of artists who attended the event and were treated to a pleasant temperature and a warm reception in Estácio de Sá Cultural Center.

The first artists to come were uncertain about the imminent rain...

Little by little artists arrived and started to open their easels
In no time, passersby could watch oil painters, watercolorists, acrylic painters all in action

Mr José Carlos , editor of Art Club Magazine paid us a visit, we are going to be featured in the nest issue!

Mr Elias Abreu, curator of the Cultural Center was a wonderful host, we were offered a show featuring the works we did that day. How cool is that?

The peaceful atmosphere could be felt and the energy we shared was reflected on each artist´s face

As usual I had a hard time trying to gather artists so that we could have just one photo with everybody... we always miss somebody...
The group:

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