Cinelandia, a square downtown Rio , is a never ending inspiration. Leafy trees, people milling around and the most beautiful architetonic group of the city!

Cinelandia oil on linen 60x80cm -Sandra Nunes

sandra nunes painting downtown
It really requires a lot of concentration to paint downtown...

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Carioca Impressions - Solo Show

Solo Show at Castelinho 38 Gallery

Well, the show came to its end and I´ve been working sending paintings to their new homes. Some happy collectors had already received theirs and others will get them soon. It was a great experience to meet old friends, get to know several silent blog followers and be able to join some names to real faces.
It is amazing the feeling of connection brought by art which links people who otherwise would be perfect strangers.

Some collectors and friends

Some paintings are travelling a long distance...
Australian Collectors

Castelinho38 gallery was a perfect place for this exhibition, a beautiful archtecture in a quiet street of Santa Teresa and a very friendly staff

You can view some other special moments of the exhibit in the slideshow in the sidebar or here

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Worldwide Paint Out 2010

This year we headed downtown and gathered in Cinelândia, a beautiful square surrounded by important buildings such as Fine Arts National Museum, Municipal Theatre and National Library. We were blessed with a sunny morning and a nice late winter temperature .Coordinated by IPAP(International Plein Air Painters) this event hapens every year.
It turns out that the paint out is also a special day here, when we meet friends and make new ones. This year we had the presence of a virtual friend from São Paulo (400 km from Rio) and from Campos dos Goytacazes (more than 300km far from Rio)

The paintings will be in a show at Brazilian Fine Arts Society.

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Carioca Impressions - Solo show

I´m proud to announce the opening of my upcoming solo show "Carioca Impressions"
It will be part of a great event in Rio de Janeiro´s Cultural calendar :Arte de Portas Abertas- "Open doors Studio"
My show will be held in Castelinho 38 gallery, a charming and cosy building well located in a quiet street in Santa Teresa. It will showcase my recent paintings emphasizing my on-going Santa Teresa Collections.
If you happen to be in the area , drop in. I´ll be happy to meet you there!

Here is the place where the show will be held, I could not resist this bright morning light hitting the side wall and peaking through the castle towers:

castelinho 38 -oil on canvas 41x33cm sandra nunes

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