Video Clips

Check some videos about Sandra Nunes Paintings on Youtube

Creative process of  'Rio de Janeiro Skyline" diptich oil on canvas 40cm x 2.0 m

This one is a short clip  on the creative process of the painting;
 Largo do Machado, oil on canvas 40 x 60 cm

Time Lapse featuring a step by step demo of a plein air painting
Rua do Catete oil on linen 54 x 65 cm
Creative Process for the project Art on the Wall  for Casa de Saúde São José
Largo do Boticário
Oil on canvas 190 cm x 420 cm

This project was a instalation comissioned by Johnson and Johnson Company launching of a new product
Welcome to Spring!

Nativity Scene for Christmas Festival 
Midsummer Night in Rio
      Mixed Media 250 cm x 420 cm

Plein Air Painting Competition  1st prize Award broadcasted on TV
Rio Zoo 



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