A Midsummer Night in Rio - Christmas Festival

Christmas Festival is a life size outdoors Nativity Scenes show, exclusively produced by 50 Brazilian artists selected through a contest.
These works are displayed in public places such as airports, streets and subway stations.

The concept of Nativity I´ve presented for this event is naturally a byproduct of my daily plein air painting
work on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, which, in addition to its stunning beauty, exposes the daily lives of its people in a social-economic and cultural melting pot.

A Midsummer Night in Rio...
"The bohemian Lapa district becomes the stage for the birth of a baby at the foot of its Arches...Three curious street kids approach that family attracted by the scene..."

A Midsummer Night in Rio - Sandra Nunes
mixed media - 13.7x8.2x3.3 feet
This work is displayed at Rio de Janeiro Bus Terminal - Downtown from November 29th to January 6th
You can watch the work in progress here

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