Painting Reminiscences

Joao Homem Street - Conceicao Hill
There are some places in Rio de Janeiro where time seems to have stopped or goes slower. One of these places is Conceicao Hill.Besides being an important historical landmark of the city and of Brazil it is an island of peacefullness.

Beautiful centenary houses, located in the port area and surrounded by skyscrapers this site is a rarity.Children playing on the streets, neighbours (most of them Portuguese descendents) talking to each other from their windows... there is a calm atmosphere, a tranquility that contrasts with urban noises and nearby sounds.

This day I walked up and down the narrow streets and alleys before I found this one. I could not resist the charming colorful old houses bathed by the morning sunlight.I had to open my easel and paint a piece of this oasis.

Joao Homem Street- o/c 61x38cm - Sandra Nunes

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Urca- Clearing Skies

Undefined weather, after a rainy night the sky starts to clear and the dance of the clouds creates a beautiful show on the water. I had to work fast and I hope I did justice in capturing the exquisite winter light.

Urca- Clearing Sky - oil on linen 38x46cm - Sandra Nunes

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