Spring in the Northern Hemisphere II

   New York

This April, without the wind and a bit less cold than Chicago, New York displayed most of the time a beautiful blue sky and a warm Spring sun. 
I´m posting here some aleatory images among hundreds I brought home in my camera and in my memory.

First stop: Metropolitan Museum of Art

                        The artist looking at himself....
Rembrandt Self Portrait
Self Portrait - Rembrandt
Revisiting Tolouse Lautrec ...

Toulouse Lautrec
Toulouse Lautrec
Van Gogh painted these two works on the same canvas, front and back...
Front:Self Portrait                      Back: The potato peeler
Central Park- Maurice Prendergast
Moonlight, Wood Island Light- Winslow Homer-oil on canvas

At the Seaside- William Merrit Chase

Avenue of the Allies- Childe Hassam
Checking George Bellows energetic brushstrokes and his power of synthesis
George Bellows, Swans in Central Park
Swans in Central Park
Studying Velasquez...
The other opportunity I had to see this painting it was hung on a wall were we could not approach too much. From the distance this portrait called my attention for its on sake, the composition, the story it tells, the look of the model and the impossibility to dissociate the relationship between the painter and the model.
Juan de Pareja was a slave of Velasquez  and he was his assistant from some time on.
From the distance we can see a refined portrait,elegantly lightened in a noble and silent atmosphere. When we get closer we can observe the perfect balance between the transparent washes and glazes of the abstract background with the impasto on Juan´s features which brings to light his strong look.
We can also notice the fluidity of this masterpiece, showing that it was effortless done.
There´s much more to see in this work and much more to learn from the Master of the Masters...

Juan de Pareja, Diego Velasquez
We can perfectly understand why Sorolla admired Velasquez so much and the influence we notice on his works.

More on Metropolitan Museum and New York here

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