Spring in the Northern Hemisphere IV

Painting my way through Life  -

This sentence  came with a nice comment of my Canadian friend and I think it suits me, thanks Dan Gray!

A certain conflict happens whenever I travel. There´s a lot to see to experience, learn...On the other hand the desire of capturing what I feel  on canvas or on paper gets into competition. It is wonderful when I manage to squeeze both in the always short  period of time.
Crossing Brooklyn Bridge I was captured by the beauty of the morning sun. I had to stop for a quick watercolor sketch.
sketching Brooklyn Bridge- Sandra Nunes

One of the most moving experiences...
Sunday in Central Park

Not because it was Easter Sunday nor because it happened in Central Park, but for the lightness of the moment I had the privilege of living.
I opened my pochade box by the balustrade facing the Fountain. That site always called my attention and this time I decided to capture the cold afternoon light bathing the Angel of the Waters.

Bethesda Fountain- Central Park

Painting in Central Park - Sandra Nunes

Painting in Central Park - Sandra Nunes
I worked all the time listening to Bach. At the end of my painting session I went to check who was playing that heavenly sound coming from under the Arcades...

Musicians in Central Park

This trio was a side show...
The audience
To avoid a long post I´ve divided these notes on the trip into 4 posts. You can read on here
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