Worldwide Paint Out

A special day!

some artists in action

Once more we were blessed with a bright sunny morning. It is late winter, Carioca style!
At first , the choice of Leme Beach as a location for this year´s Paint Out seemed at least a crazy idea!
Sunny Sunday morning at any beach in Rio is really crowded.
But it was wonderful! Artists and bathers mixed beautifully: easels, canvases, colorful beach parasols, a real feast for the eyes!
Professional artists,students, amateurs,  from  Rio de Janeiro and neighbor cities  joined us this year to celebrate plein air painting. Some of them traveled  from  even more distant places like Brasilia (more than 1000 km far fom Rio) and Belo Horizonte ( more than 350 km).                                       
                                                                 Worldwide Paint Out
                                        Rio de Janeiro 2013                                       

The Worldwide Paint Out  is attracting a lot of attention since we joined it in 2004 with a small group. It represents to me more than a sensorial experience. Coordinating this event in Rio de Janeiro and giving support to other artists who want to do it in their locations, legitimates the concept of Collective in which I believe. It is as if the world were a huge canvas united by the passion for Plein Air Painting.

I´m going to post more photos( I have a lot of them!)  in the Events page soon...

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