Quinta da Boa Vista - ( Park of the Nice View)

This place has an interesting history for Brazilians' life and specially for Rio de Janeiro inhabitants. First, these lands belonged to the Catholic Church priests, then they were divided among Portuguese slave merchants. One of them built a palace on the top of a hill from where he could watch Rio de Janeiro astonishing view, hence the name "Park of Nice View". When the Royal family came to live in Brazil(1808) this property was "donated" to the Emperor (in fact it was traded for a nobility title), then it became one of The Royal Family´s residences in Rio de Janeiro till the end of XIXth century.
Nowadays this park located in the north zone of the city shelters the Zoo and The Brazilian National Museum.

Besides all this history, what attracted me in this composition was how to depict with brushstrokes on the canvas the huge area of different hues of green surrounding the lake having Corcovado mountain as background. Families and lovers in red "pedalinhos" gliding over the water mirror ...
This scenery is part of the emotional memory of most of Rio de Janeiro inhabitants who go, or used to go there for a Sunday picnic with family, school mates or for a romantic stroll.

Quinta da Boa Vista - oil on canvas 54x65cm- Sandra Nunes

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