Blooming Silk Cotton Trees

April Flowers
It´s been two or three weeks that whenever I pass by Flamengo Park a rich red spot calls my attention. It´s time for the silk cotton tree to bloom here.
Between the two freeway lanes which runs across the park a lone specimen performs its daily show.
As this area is interdict to the traffic on Sundays, I decided to cross the street and give the tree a closer look.

Sandra Nunes painting silk cotton tree

I remained for a long time observing the character of this exquisite young tree admiring its flowers, its upright trunk, its green leaves that should not be there anymore if the weather were dryer.

Red Silk Cotton Tree - oil on panel27X22cm -Sandra Nunes
After finishing this painting, I started to gather my brushes and paints, when I was almost ready to close my easel I turned back and a leafy pink silk cotton tree invites me to sit under its shade. In fact I called it leafy for lack of a better word, there were just a few green leaves left. Its lush canopy was almost completely made of flowers!
I could not resist , I had to answer to this appeal, I was carried away by the abstract masses of color and this time my emotional response was much more immediate...

Pink Silk Cotton Tree - oil on panel 22x27cm - Sandra Nunes

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theresamillerwatercolors said... April 16, 2009 at 5:48 AM  

Maravilhosa, esta pintura!

Sandra Nunes said... April 17, 2009 at 10:25 AM  

Obrigada Theresa!

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