Winter Painting in New York

Getting in contact and painting in real winter!

To someone who is used to painting outdoors most of the time in T-shirts and shorts, painting in New York this winter was an outstanding experience at all levels.
First I had to learn that dressing as a regular winter tourist is not enough. Standing still for several hours on the street in temperatures around 0 c and lower is very uncomfortable if not dangerous when you are not dressed accordingly.
I have quickly learned about layers, hand warmer pads, ear muffs, leg warmers, insulated boots and added words like "balaclava" to my vocabulary.

Then, the challenge was  capturing the wonderful atmosphere on my canvas!
In such low temperatures I had the opportunity to paint sunny, rainy and snowy days  in oil and soft pastels as well.
I have already posted some on my Facebook profile and I will post some more here. I hope you enjoy the images and watching the short videos.

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