New York Impressions - Studies and Miniatures

 Plein air painting  requires from the artist study and discipline.
 Capturing light, color and local atmosphere inside a short frame of time demands a keen sense of observation and simplification. These are only acquired with practice.  
It is indeed quite different from painting in the studio under a controlled environment.

Time is always a concern, light changes and atmospheric conditions can be a challenge.In fact, the interaction with the surroundings plays an integral part and lends a special character to the painting result.

Hence, small and medium are the formats of choice when painting outdoors. 
I'm always researching on ideas to increase portabillity of my painting gear in oil, pastel and watercolor. I have pochade boxes and easels on several sizes according to the work I intend to produce at the moment.

Recently I've found out that I can reduce even more my pochade box.Up to now my smaller one was the Julian Paris Thumb box. This time  I'm  experimenting with mint tins, I've been using it for my studies on this trip to New York achieving interesting results.
Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Sandra Nunes
New York Impressions

Studies or Miniatures?
Studies are preliminary works, generally in a small scale when the artist deals with his ideas on color notations, composition, drawing and other aspects of a finished painting before compromising with a larger work.

We have amazing exemples of by the Great Masters  posted here on this blog some of them I had the pleasure of studying up close and personal like Joaquin Sorolla, Constable, Turner...
Joaquin Sorolla
Small studies
Museo Sorolla
Study of clouds

Joaquin Sorolla
Study of  Fiherwomen

On the other hand, Miniature Paintings  are works, very detailed with their origins in illuminations and it can be traced back to ancient Egyptian manuscripts. Generally with this technique, the artist uses magnifying glass and really tiny brushes to achieve very intricate detailed images. In fact Miniature is a genre of painting and it is not necessarily small.

I strive to follow the way paved by the great masters, and I intend to continue experimenting with the "mini pochade tin"(?) on my plein air studies.
Some of these works will be developed on a larger scale, and they will be available for you.
In case you are interested,  please email-me.

This afternoon I stopped at Union Square and captured the iconic New York yellow taxi out of a mint tin :

New York Yellow Cab
Sandra Nunes
Plein Air Painting
New York Impressions


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