Winter Light

Here in the southern hemisphere winter has started a few days ago... 
In Rio de Janeiro the changes are subtle. Misty morning with a warm and lazy sun  slowly breaking through the barrier imposed by the blue  gray curtain. 
Back in 2010, the author of an interesting blog about art and culture used the image of a work of mine to illustrate her post (she kindly let ​​me know it by contacting by email). 
In her text she analyzes the significance of the winter looking for references in Chinese philosophy making the correlation between eastern symbolism and our lives. "... We can see that during the winter we try to 'save' more, ie, try to rest (" save the harvest in the barn "),we invest a lot of energy in order to accomplish our daily journey. ("The effort that all beings are subject to.") 
If you think about it a bit, in winter we usually return home early, for warmth,  "it is  time to focus." And it is at these 'moments of  concentration ', that we achieve self communion, ... "
I agree with this thought. Each brush stroke  happens after a long period of contemplation as an attempt of self recognition and integration to the "New Season".
Oil on wood panel, Winter Light in Urca
Winter Light -Sandra Nunes oil on panel 22x16cm
You can read in the blog post I mentioned above here

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